Our Sister City

About our Sister City

A Gem of Northern France

Large, beautiful and affluent, Saint-Germain-en-Laye is situated on high bluffs overlooking the Seine River downstream west from Paris. Founded in 1020, it now has a population of 43,000. St-Germain is home to a large Château (castle), begun in 1348, in which the future king Louis XIV was born in 1638, the same year Winchester was founded. The Château now houses the National Museum of Archaeology. The famous formal Terrasse, designed by renowned landscape architect André LeNôtre, stretches north from the Château along the heights to the huge Forest of Saint-Germain.


With a bustling city center and tree-lined residential streets, Saint-Germain is one of suburban Paris’ most desirable places to live. In 2016 the city created a new multi-use neighborhood at its northern entry-point, with a main thoroughfare named Avenue de Winchester in honor of our special relationship. The city has easy subway (RER) access to Paris.


Other famous people born here include composer Claude Debussy and French king Henri II. Saint-Germain is also home to the national champion football (soccer) team Paris-Saint-Germain (PSG). Louis XIV’s cradle is seen in both the city and the teams logos.


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